6 Ways To Practise Self-Care This Summer


Summer, who doesn’t love it? Wedding invites, BBQ plans or evening spent in a park watching a film, make the long hot days just zip by. Add in work schedules and family life and you end up seeing Monday morning through very weary eyes.

 Here at Agloe we proudly support the idea of looking after yourself through the heatwave with some great ideas for self-care within our #SpoilYourselfSummer campaign. Because you’re worth it. 

  1. Get Some Sleep 

A heatwave is a great thing but not always appreciated at 3am when soaring temperatures can make it difficult to sleep. With medical professionals recommending we all get eight hours shut-eye a night beating the heat is key to sleeping soundly. Keeping hydrated, avoiding alcohol and keeping windows and blinds closed (to avoid letting excess heat in) are all great tips. More can be found here. 

  1. Give Downward Dog A Go 

We all know yoga has numerous benefits and in the sunshine it reaps the benefits of outdoor living too. It can also slow you down after a busy day at work or out with friends and family. Unwinding and taking time to enjoy every minute can help you focus at work and at play. Grab your yoga mat and head into your outside space. Sun saluting will never be more relevant. 

  1. Clear Out The Clutter 

If you haven’t taken time to spring clean, in well, spring use the season to ditch the junk and streamline your home and  mind. Open the windows, let in fresh air and make your home a warm, welcoming space with pastel hues, tropical style furniture and scented candles to lighten the mood. Decluttering improves moods and frees up schedules . Find out how here

  1. Keep On Moving 

Slumped over your computer all week  can make you feel sluggish especially when the thermometer hits 90 degrees. Finding ways to rejuvenate can be hard but thankfully there are lots of options to stay fit and healthy even when the sun is still shining. Rounders in the park, a 5k run over the London bridges or even a dip in local Lido can get you moving. No excuses now. 

  1. Become A Culture Vulture 

Art galleries, outdoor cinema and festivals can be a great way to feed your brain throughout warmer months. Many large cities hold special screenings of classic and contemporary films in outdoor spaces, which offer the chance to sit back, relax and breath in the evening air. Alternatively, pop into your local art gallery and see if they’re running any special events or even life-drawing classes. Your brain will thank you for it. 

  1. Give Your Style A Quick Makeover 

There’s nothing more uplifting than adding a new piece of jewellery to your collection, its relatively inexpensive and great for making an old outfit seem new again. All very handy for that wedding or christening you’ll be going to. Do you fancy lovebirds or a star?


For more information on buying beautiful handmade accessories and how you can #SpoilYourselfSummer, visit www.agloe.co.uk

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