5 Ways to bring Summer Indoors

With rising temperatures and lengthening days upon us, we all want to make the most of summer by spending more time outdoors. Why not make the most of that summer feeling by bringing it’s scents, tastes and feelings indoors?

 Here at Agloe we proudly support the idea of treating yourself this season with our #SpoilYourselfSummer campaign and we’ve come up with 5 tips to help you make the most of what summer has to offer.

1. Use fruit and vegetables as a decorative objects

     What better way than to use nature as an inspiration for your home’s colour palette? While you don’t need to repaint a room, subtle pops of summer colour can bring a room alive. Fill a blue bowl with a dozen lemons for a centrepiece – like sunshine in a bowl.

    2. Make your home smell like summer

    Smell has a unique way of invoking special summer memories. Freshly cut grass, a fragrant gardenia, the fresh smell of sea air. What’s your favourite summer smell? Candles, room sprays, essential oils and even hand wash can bring all those summery scents into your home. Breathe in and feel the benefits of the season.

     3. Turn bathing into a treat

     Treat yourself a little more this summer. Ditch your usual bathing products and chose something more summery like lavender or fruit based washes and creams. They’ll help reboot skin that has grown tired of the old products and liven up your day, invigorating the senses.

     4. Bring the outdoors in

     Nothing says summer more than beautiful, colourful flowers. We love an indoor potted rose to bring the sunny days inside – plus you won’t need to replace your flowers every few days. Our favourite idea is that of using a terracotta pot or you could use a wooden crate to replace the traditional variety. Here are some stylish ideas for dressing your houseplants.

    5. Change your linens, towels and tablecloths

    Replace heavy fabrics with lighter breezier ones like percale and linen. Crisp white is always a winner – or do you prefer something a bit more florally? A beautifully set table can evoke memories of holidays past and those yet to come. Think about setting the scene so eating always feels like a special treat. 


    For more information on buying beautiful handmade accessories and how you can #SpoilYourselfSummer, visit www.agloe.co.uk

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