5 Tips On Exercising Outdoors




Training outside is one of the many benefits of the longer days and sunnier months. Endorphins make you feel good. Vitamin D makes you feel good. Combine the two and you’ll feel on top form all summer long.

 At Agloe we proudly support the idea of treating yourself this season with our #SpoilYourselfSummer campaign so we’ve come up with 5 tips on how to make the most of your exercise routine this year.

 1. Go For A Run

    We all know that running improves your overall health and physical appearance, but studies also show that it reduces stress, improves your confidence and aids in reducing depression. So, put on those training shoes and run towards an improved mental state. We love the “Couch to 5K” app to get started.

     2. Get Socially Active

      If you prefer some social interaction while you burn those calories, most towns and cities offer a variety of ways to join in. You could join the local tennis club, find a netball team via Back To Netball or if you’re lucky enough to live by the sea a Surf Life Saving activity might be right up your street.

       3. Push On With Your Baby

        If you’re a mum, finding some time to exercise whilst also caring for your child, can seem like an impossible task. Thanks goodness for classes like Buggy Fit which are designed to get you moving, meet new mums and enjoy the outdoors - all while keeping a watchful eye on your baby. Find a class at here.

         4. Take A Cycling Route

          Cycling over hills and along paths can be exhilarating in the summer especially as the British countryside comes alive with wild flowers and vibrant colours. If you haven’t booked your overseas trip just yet, put your passport away, get on your bike and explore the rides close to home. Get inspired by these routes

           5. Ditch The Dull

            There are plenty of opportunities to try something new as the heat turns up. Perhaps an outdoor flying trapeze school or a bootcamp based around boxing is more your thing, so why not give it a go? Everything is nicer in the sun, and that certainly includes exercise. Tips for exercising outside in London can be found here.

            For more tips on how you can Spoil Yourself This Summer visit our blog page at www.agloe.co.uk and follow our social media pages for more tips and articles.

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