5 Tips On Exercising Outdoors




Training outside is one of the many benefits of the longer days and sunnier months. Endorphins make you feel good. Vitamin D makes you feel good. Combine the two and you’ll feel on top form all summer long.

 At Agloe we proudly support the idea of treating yourself this season with our #SpoilYourselfSummer campaign so we’ve come up with 5 tips on how to make the most of your exercise routine this year.

 1. Go For A Run

    We all know that running improves your overall health and physical appearance, but studies also show that it reduces stress, improves your confidence and aids in reducing depression. So, put on those training shoes and run towards an improved mental state. We love the “Couch to 5K” app to get started.

     2. Get Socially Active

      If you prefer some social interaction while you burn those calories, most towns and cities offer a variety of ways to join in. You could join the local tennis club, find a netball team via Back To Netball or if you’re lucky enough to live by the sea a Surf Life Saving activity might be right up your street.

       3. Push On With Your Baby

        If you’re a mum, finding some time to exercise whilst also caring for your child, can seem like an impossible task. Thanks goodness for classes like Buggy Fit which are designed to get you moving, meet new mums and enjoy the outdoors - all while keeping a watchful eye on your baby. Find a class at here.

         4. Take A Cycling Route

          Cycling over hills and along paths can be exhilarating in the summer especially as the British countryside comes alive with wild flowers and vibrant colours. If you haven’t booked your overseas trip just yet, put your passport away, get on your bike and explore the rides close to home. Get inspired by these routes

           5. Ditch The Dull

            There are plenty of opportunities to try something new as the heat turns up. Perhaps an outdoor flying trapeze school or a bootcamp based around boxing is more your thing, so why not give it a go? Everything is nicer in the sun, and that certainly includes exercise. Tips for exercising outside in London can be found here.

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            5 Ways to bring Summer Indoors

            With rising temperatures and lengthening days upon us, we all want to make the most of summer by spending more time outdoors. Why not make the most of that summer feeling by bringing it’s scents, tastes and feelings indoors?

             Here at Agloe we proudly support the idea of treating yourself this season with our #SpoilYourselfSummer campaign and we’ve come up with 5 tips to help you make the most of what summer has to offer.

            1. Use fruit and vegetables as a decorative objects

               What better way than to use nature as an inspiration for your home’s colour palette? While you don’t need to repaint a room, subtle pops of summer colour can bring a room alive. Fill a blue bowl with a dozen lemons for a centrepiece – like sunshine in a bowl.

              2. Make your home smell like summer

              Smell has a unique way of invoking special summer memories. Freshly cut grass, a fragrant gardenia, the fresh smell of sea air. What’s your favourite summer smell? Candles, room sprays, essential oils and even hand wash can bring all those summery scents into your home. Breathe in and feel the benefits of the season.

               3. Turn bathing into a treat

               Treat yourself a little more this summer. Ditch your usual bathing products and chose something more summery like lavender or fruit based washes and creams. They’ll help reboot skin that has grown tired of the old products and liven up your day, invigorating the senses.

               4. Bring the outdoors in

               Nothing says summer more than beautiful, colourful flowers. We love an indoor potted rose to bring the sunny days inside – plus you won’t need to replace your flowers every few days. Our favourite idea is that of using a terracotta pot or you could use a wooden crate to replace the traditional variety. Here are some stylish ideas for dressing your houseplants.

              5. Change your linens, towels and tablecloths

              Replace heavy fabrics with lighter breezier ones like percale and linen. Crisp white is always a winner – or do you prefer something a bit more florally? A beautifully set table can evoke memories of holidays past and those yet to come. Think about setting the scene so eating always feels like a special treat. 


              For more information on buying beautiful handmade accessories and how you can #SpoilYourselfSummer, visit www.agloe.co.uk
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              6 Ways To Practise Self-Care This Summer


              Summer, who doesn’t love it? Wedding invites, BBQ plans or evening spent in a park watching a film, make the long hot days just zip by. Add in work schedules and family life and you end up seeing Monday morning through very weary eyes.

               Here at Agloe we proudly support the idea of looking after yourself through the heatwave with some great ideas for self-care within our #SpoilYourselfSummer campaign. Because you’re worth it. 

              1. Get Some Sleep 

              A heatwave is a great thing but not always appreciated at 3am when soaring temperatures can make it difficult to sleep. With medical professionals recommending we all get eight hours shut-eye a night beating the heat is key to sleeping soundly. Keeping hydrated, avoiding alcohol and keeping windows and blinds closed (to avoid letting excess heat in) are all great tips. More can be found here. 

              1. Give Downward Dog A Go 

              We all know yoga has numerous benefits and in the sunshine it reaps the benefits of outdoor living too. It can also slow you down after a busy day at work or out with friends and family. Unwinding and taking time to enjoy every minute can help you focus at work and at play. Grab your yoga mat and head into your outside space. Sun saluting will never be more relevant. 

              1. Clear Out The Clutter 

              If you haven’t taken time to spring clean, in well, spring use the season to ditch the junk and streamline your home and  mind. Open the windows, let in fresh air and make your home a warm, welcoming space with pastel hues, tropical style furniture and scented candles to lighten the mood. Decluttering improves moods and frees up schedules . Find out how here

              1. Keep On Moving 

              Slumped over your computer all week  can make you feel sluggish especially when the thermometer hits 90 degrees. Finding ways to rejuvenate can be hard but thankfully there are lots of options to stay fit and healthy even when the sun is still shining. Rounders in the park, a 5k run over the London bridges or even a dip in local Lido can get you moving. No excuses now. 

              1. Become A Culture Vulture 

              Art galleries, outdoor cinema and festivals can be a great way to feed your brain throughout warmer months. Many large cities hold special screenings of classic and contemporary films in outdoor spaces, which offer the chance to sit back, relax and breath in the evening air. Alternatively, pop into your local art gallery and see if they’re running any special events or even life-drawing classes. Your brain will thank you for it. 

              1. Give Your Style A Quick Makeover 

              There’s nothing more uplifting than adding a new piece of jewellery to your collection, its relatively inexpensive and great for making an old outfit seem new again. All very handy for that wedding or christening you’ll be going to. Do you fancy lovebirds or a star?


              For more information on buying beautiful handmade accessories and how you can #SpoilYourselfSummer, visit www.agloe.co.uk
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              5 Tips To Spoil Yourself This Summer


              The sun is out. The heatwave is on. The long days of summer are finally here and it’s time to kick back, relax and look for ways to enjoy it. We all know it won’t last for long.

              Here at Agloe we proudly support the idea of treating yourself this season with our #SpoilYourselfSummer campaign and we’ve come up with 5 tips to help you make the most of the glorious sunny rays.

               1. Feed Your Brain With A Book 

                Ditch your screen (well, at least put it to one side) and indulge in a summer page-turner instead. You don’t need to be on a sun lounger to do it. Why not hit a deck chair in your local park for a lunchtime treat? Reading has been shown to reduce stress, stimulate your brain, improve memory and expand vocabulary. All good reasons to give it a go, we think. Pick from one of the 32 recommended good reads here.

                 2. Indulge In Beauty Rituals 

                  The heat can play havoc with an established beauty routine; foundation can be too heavy, hair colours can fade and breakouts can happen overnight. Experts recommend lightening foundation and adding in one that has a SPF. Say goodbye to breakouts by regularly exfoliating and swap your lip gloss for a lip balm. If your vibrant hair colour is starting to fade, make sure your shampoo is for colour-treated hair and contains UV-absorbing filters. It’ll guarantee a glowing, flowing mane all summer long.

                  3. Get Back To Nature 

                    Being outside, enjoying the long summer days, has to be one of the highlights of the season. Spending time in forests, hiking over mountains or just lounging in the back garden can all benefit mind, body and soul. In fact, if you’re suffering from anxiety, depression or mental fatigue, a good stomp can help lift your mood. It can even make you more creative. What better reasons do you need to head outdoors?

                     4. Style Up To Cool Down 

                      A new summer wardrobe needs some careful planning, especially if you want to keep up with the latest trends. Thankfully, the catwalks have showcased a huge array of options. Both Crayola colours and pastel shades are in. The 80s have returned (again) and Palm Beach glamour will certainly make you stand out from the crowd. If you’re hoping for something a little more low-key, think jumpsuits. Available in short and long versions, how much will you dare to bare?

                       5. Make A Statement With Your Jewellery 

                        We all have a ring, a necklace or a pair of earrings that really lift an outfit. That can make us stand out from the crowd. Thankfully, updating jewellery can be far more achievable than investing in say a new pair of shoes.  We’re taking influence from Chloe SS18 whose nature-themed jewellery rocked the catwalk.


                        For more information on buying beautiful handmade accessories and how you can #SpoilYourselfSummer, visit www.agloe.co.uk

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